Reporting Bugs

In the case of errors or bugs occur please contact the author of application Wifi Guard via e-mail. The application has been tested by tens of users on small and large Wifi networks, where the number of connected devices reached 2000.

How to Report Bugs

In case of errors, please notify the author immidiately. We will try to remove any potential bugs or errors as soon as possible. For a bug report, follow the instructions

Make sure the bug hasn’t already been reported

bug magnifier
  • Check which version you have.
  • Try to find an error in the table, if the error is resolved, update the application.
  • Describe the behavior of the application and the reported error.
  • Please write e-mail to the author - JkmASg[at]gmail.com
  • Resolved and reported unresolved errors will then appear in the table below

Reported bugs

Date Bug Details Status
28/9/2016 3. Bug in the settings dialog reported bug - ok
1/4/2015 2. Errors associated with XSD and XSLT reported bug - ok
5/1/2014 1. Errors associated with moving JDialogs reported bug - ok