News: [04/2020]There is a problem with support of Ubuntu 18.04+, I am working on a new version to fix this issue, thx.
[08/2016]I added solutions of common problems after installation

Wifi Guard

Wifi Guard is a small application designed to monitor WiFi networks.

It provides an additional layer of security and removes some of the weaknesses of WiFi networks. Application scans network and provides gained data to users, which contains all devices on the local network, their IP addresses and many other interesting information.

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App v. 1.1.0

What is Wifi Guard

Wifi Guard is a small tool for scanning Wifi networks. It displays network devices and their details in a user-friendly Graphical User Interface and allows users to quickly export data to HTML and show them in a Web browser. This app allows users to set their own name for each device on the network. The application is very simple and thanks to ARP scanner, which it builds on, very fast. Wifi Guard is available in English.


Key features

  • Scans network and displays devices connected to the network.
  • Suitable for scanning networks with a large number of connected devices.
  • Shows already recognized computers or devices.
  • It is totally free, does not contain any adware, spyware or malware.
  • Very easy to install.
system requirements

System Requirements

Runs on Linux, yet tested on Ubuntu. In the future there will be even more support for the most popular distributions of Linux.

ubuntu debian mint